There are a few websites I frequently visit, and one of them is Epic Reads. I visit this site regularly for a few reasons, including that it has quality bookish content, fun colours, and there are lots of things to do and browse on it. When visiting a website, we don’t often think about look at the specifics about design, but every design choice makes a difference in how we perceive its appearance. For example, on Epic Reads, the home page has a lot of fun aspects to it. The colours, photos along the top, and drop down menu options make me want to continue exploring the website. If it were a different design, I may have a different reaction towards it.

On Epic Reads, the contrast between black and white, along with the bright colours in photos catches my eye. I am also caught by how the page is filled with things to look at, which although it appears to be eye catching and fun, it can also be overwhelming at first glance. As I scroll lower on the home page, it becomes less overwhelming and appears more organized. It shows trending books, videos, book deals, and an instagram page. All of these aspects show me that this website is well developed, and makes me want to look at the different aspects of it.

As I go through the drop down menus, clicking through the pages, I see that it is very consistent in the theme and style of it. Each article has a photo, which is nice because they are visually pleasing, as well as not only packed with writing.

Overall, this is a really eye catching website that makes me, as a viewer, want to explore the website more. It makes me curious to see what else is offered, and look into more books. This website functions as a space for book lovers to, not only look at new books, but also take quizzes, read about authors, and watch bookish videos. Aside from the home page being slightly overwhelming, this website is really well done.


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