The internet has created a world for people to be whoever they want to be online. People have the option of entering the online world, and creating accounts under any name they want, attaching any personality traits to those accounts, and appearing any way they wish. This results in people having two options: to use their own photos, names, and identities, or becoming more hidden. Through the internet we now have the option to become invisible and unseen. There are many accounts on instagram and facebook that do not show faces, and no one is able to identify who owns those accounts by looking at them. While this has a few pros, and can be beneficial for some people who may be too shy to show themselves online, this also has dangers. It becomes increasingly difficult to identify who people are, and whether or not they may truly be who they say or how they appear. It takes more time to be able to differentiate between possible cons and nice people. Invisibility does allow for more privacy, but it also allows for people to hide behind a wall, and not take responsibility if they do something wrong. Children growing up in this day and age use the internet regularly, and while it is important to learn how to navigate, there are also precautions necessary to take. Children with phones should be shown how to navigate through accounts with invisible owners, and shown how to be safe in this online world due to the amount of dangers there are today. They should be shown how to use the internet responsibly, and how to grow in a positive way in the online community.

After reading the article, “How I Got my Attention Back” by Craig Mod, I realized that I would probably not be able to unplug and go offline for a complete month. I saw that I have a lot of things that connect me to the internet, aside from school. This includes: communication with friends, my online book review accounts, and the television shows I watch. I would be able to take a step away from the internet for one or two weeks, but a month may be too long. Although this is the case for me, I agree that taking time away from social media and the internet can be very important, especially for people who spend hours attached to their phones. These days, we spend so much time on screens that unplugging from devices has become an important self care technique. While a month may be too long, I do think it is important to take these breaks every once in a while.


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