When I began this blog, I imagined writing for an audience who loves reading and wants to discover new books. Since I write about a lot of young adult books, and know a lot of adults who read these books as well, I imagine my audience to be around the ages of 17-30. As a result of this imagined audience, I made design choices in order to make my blog simple, easy to navigate, and clear. Often times, people in those age groups are very busy with other things they need to do, it is important to make an organized space where these people can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Since this is a space for book lovers, I try to include a lot of posts about books I am reading or have read. I also added photos of books on the side panel, to add to the overall design.

Personally, when I visit a website, I look for websites that are simple and/or have aspects that I can easily navigate. For me, this is because I spend a lot of time doing work or getting things done, so it is nice to be able to sit down, rest, and go through my favourite website without taking too much time. After long days, it is especially nice to visit a welcoming website, with aesthetically pleasing colours. As a result of this, I chose a theme which gave each post a different coloured category title. I enjoyed adding sections of bright colours, and tried to add them wherever I could. One of the biggest aspects of my blog that I chose for this audience group was to attempt to make my blog applicable to any age group or anyone interested in reading. This includes young people, middle aged people, students, and anyone who reads different genres from me. I like to open my blog up to anyone who shares a love of reading, and I do that through my reading posts.


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