The link to The Rain City Fairy: Ashley’s Blog:

Ashley, you’ve created a wonderful fashion blog, and your theme is beautiful! I really like the widgets that are on the side, and how you created a Pinterest and Instagram account. The photos on these accounts are wonderful, and the accounts are really well done. Your social media accounts are also accessible at the top of your blog, which is great in terms of being able to find more of your online platforms. The drop down menus at the top of the blog are also great, and overall I love how your blog is very organized and easy to navigate. If I am looking for something specific, I know where to find it on the blog and that is really helpful.

When I first visited your blog, I didn’t see anything on the featured page, except for the menu and the widgets on the side. I was able to navigate through the blog with the drop down menus, but it could be nice to add some things to the Home page as well. On the Home page, there is also a set of arrows that slightly block the Contact and Home menu buttons. I’ve pasted a photo below to show how the arrows appear.

I like that you’ve made yourself visible and present on your blog, through your photos, the About section, and the Contact section, because it is nice to visit a blog and see, not only someone’s work, but also themselves. It shows more of your personality in your work, which is nice to see. Something you could possibly add in the About section is what got you into fashion, and how it became a passion of yours. Overall, I love the way you formatted your blog, and it is really well done!

Looking at your blog, The Rain City Fairy, I can see how you have created your own personal cyberinfrastructure, and turned this into your own personal space. You appear to be very approachable from what I have seen on your blog, and it makes me, as an audience viewer, excited to see what else you post in the future.

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